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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance will pay for the maintenance of your teeth as well as some of the unexpected costs associated with dental care.

There’s no denying the health benefits of regular dental checkups. Of course you want to keep your teeth white and healthy for a beautiful smile, but good oral health has benefits that extend to your entire body, and avoiding the dentist puts your dental and overall health at risk.

"There have been many studies about the connection between the mouth and total body health," says Jolene R. Zirnheld, DMD, of the Louisville Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Kentucky. "The bacteria in the mouth can affect the health of your body by increasing the inflammatory factors in the blood and tissues as your body senses that there is periodontal disease or decay present."

As an Independent agent, we work with most major insurance companies. We will find the right company and plan to best suit your needs. It can get confusing. Let us help you. And no, you do not pay more for our expertise, whether you go through us or do it yourself, you pay the same price.

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