Affordable health insurance shouldn't be confusing....

At Conroy and Associates we want to answer your questions about insurance. Whether you're shopping for new coverage, looking to find out more about your existing plan or want to discuss options available to you, we are here to help.

What We Believe.

We believe you should be treated fairly. You should have access to the best prices in the marketplace. You should have someone to call that understands what you are looking for and understands insurance.

Since 1983, Conroy and Associates has been helping individuals and families find insurance coverage that offers protection at a reasonable cost. For those approaching retirement age, we will assist in the transition from employer sponsored/group insurance to Medicare. We also help small and medium size companies design and implement health insurance programs that meet the needs of employees while focusing on the budgetary constraints of the employer.

Initially working only in the metro Atlanta area, our reach now extends throughout the country. As our clients have grown, so has our ability to handle their insurance concerns.